Welcome to St John Villa Academy


Welcome to St. John Villa Academy Elementary
2017-2018 School Year!

It is my pleasure to not only welcome you to this new school year, but to the Elementary School section of our Academy’s website. I hope you visit often and refer to it as a source of news and information for our school and its many activities, programs and events. We hope to use it as a vehicle to highlight our students’ many successes to not only our families, but to the larger community beyond our campus as well.

St. John Villa Academy, rooted in the Baptistine tradition and charism, as well as the actions and example of the Founder, Saint Alfonso Maria Fusco, is a first and foremost a Catholic school. The teachings of Jesus Christ are at the center of all we do. We are proud of our school and our students, faculty, staff, and families that call it their second home. With many joining together and uniting as one, we are unmistakably a family, a Villa Family!

For the past ninety-two years, we have graduated young men and women who have gone on to do great things in life and make their respective marks in the world. More importantly, they have become decent, morally upright human beings who have accepted our challenge to not only never forget who they are and where they come from, but strive to make a positive difference in the world each and every day. This is what it means to truly be a Villa Boy or Villa Girl.

We as a school are committed to providing an outstanding academic and religious education to the young people entrusted to our care. We provide a challenging educational environment with many extracurricular opportunities. Technology is used across the curriculum. There are accelerated classes in the upper grades and the opportunity, to highly qualified and motivated students, to take NYS Regents exams that could potentially lead to advanced placement in high school.

Working collaboratively, we are committed to making each student the best he or she can possibly be and helping them to achieve their goals in life by working to their maximum potential and taking pride in everything they do. The personal and academic successes found in our many graduates and their accomplishments certainly speaks for themselves.

Our doors are always open to our families. I would also welcome the chance to meet and talk with prospective families as well as alumni who would like to ‘come home’ and reconnect with their Villa years.

God bless you and, again, welcome to the new school year!

James P. Smith
James P. Smith
Principal- SJVA Elementary School

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