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High School Athletics



High School Athletics

Involvement is an essential element in personal growth and self-expression as well as one of the strongest socializing factors in any community. Participation is integral to the well-rounded development of each student. Every team experience provides the student with actual experience in teamwork, commitment, dedication, sacrifice and sometimes even adversity. This co-curricular program, which consists of 17 teams, provides the opportunity to develop a network of relationships and friendships within the school and beyond. Our student – athletes learn to work together to reach a common goal, support one another and share the responsibility.

Our co-curricular athletic program is a vehicle for life long lessons. The skills learned while involved serve as preparatory skills for playing the game of life. Discipline, time management, learning how to cope with pressure and sometimes even failure are just a few of the lessons learned when you are an active member.

Together, school, student and parents; we can achieve tremendous goals.
Give to the program and experience all the wonderful opportunities it gives back to you.

For our High School Athletes: Download your Sports Participation Form here.